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King Of The Beats

Founded back in 1997. Film maker Pritt Kalsi embarked on his project THE KING OF THE BEATS. For over 20 years he has been Involved in Hip hop Culture, looking for those breaks beats and samples.

In tradition of DJs Such as Jazzy Jay, Marley Marl, Premier and Pogo, Pritt founded what was to be the blueprint for this thing called beat battles. Before the 1999 film King of the beats there were no beat battles.

His aim is too keep that vinyl culture alive. From the days when Djs would look for those breakbeats for a $1, turning them into some of the most classic records we all love to this day.

Pritt regularly travels internationally to work with legends and newly established artists. Working closely to keep the community alive through his catalogue of images, artwork, fashion trends and films…the latter seeing him win awards at the Birmingham Film Festival in 2018.

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