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Mother India 21st Century Remix (MI21)

MI21 is a dynamic live audio/visual project to re-score and re-visualize the groundbreaking ‘tour-de-force’ of Indian cinematic history ‘Mother India’. Nominated for an Oscar for best Foreign Film in 1957, the film came to symbolise the post-colonial Indian psyche interpreted through the ambitions, struggles, compassion and sheer will to survive of the central ‘Mother’ character Radha. Profoundly influential, Mother India was lauded for its stunning cinematography, indelible soundtrack and powerful and dramatic storyline. KALA PHOOL has brought the film to one of the world’s leading Turntablists; DJ Tigerstyle, to reinterpret the score through a unique live electronic performance. Former World DMC Champion Tigerstyle will use his phenomenal DJ skills and musical vision to remix the score with Matt Constantine on keyboards and cello, with David Shaw on drums and Josh Ford on visuals. Presenting the film to a contemporary audience, whilst preserving the power and vitality of the original piece is the key to this work. At 45minutes in length, MI21 will engage you through the music to understand how dynamic a story the film has to tell. The performance is now ready to tour so if you are a venue, festival, arts centre, film festival, film programmer or anyone who would consider this work as part of their programme, do get in touch.

Press Contact

For all MI21 2009 UK TOUR press support please contact:

• Puja Vedi – Livestyle Media / email: / mobile: 07949 573065

• Pedro Carvalho – Fnik PR / email: / mobile: 07831 556951

Sponsorship Contact

For all MI21 UK and International sponsorship opportunities please contact:

• Sarah Allen – Commissioner / email: / mobile: 07971851957

Who’s involved

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Arts Council England

David Shaw

DJ Tigerstyle

EROS International

• Indy Hunjan – Producer

Jonathan Murray

Matt Constantine



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