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MI21 – Mother India 21st Century Remix (V1)

MI21 is a dynamic audio/visual re-scoring and re-visualizing of the profoundly influential Mother India (1957), the first Bollywood film to be nominated for an Academy Award (Best Foreign Language Film) and a talismanic piece of cinema history that came to symbolize the post-colonial Indian psyche.

The project re-imagines the three-hour epic into an impressionistic 45 minutes of arresting imagery with a live score by DJ Tigerstyle, who is accompanied by Matt Constantine on strings and keyboards, and percussion by David Shaw, all brought together by Visual Editor, Josh Ford.

MI21 has successfully toured around the world, performing to over 50,000 people along its journey. With tours across the USA, Singapore, Australia (inc the Sydney Opera House) and the UK, it continues to draw interest from all corners of the world.

The project came to fruition from the desire to respectfully showcase Mother India and to have a dialogue on the late Mehboob Khan who directed the film, as he came from a strong socialist leaning where art was for all. Radha being the main character of the film is a proud and strong woman who fights hard to shield her family from the harsh realities of their dire situation. Radha is an incredible woman, who fights for what she believes to be true. Her character reflects qualities that are common to many mothers and this allows as all to relate to her plight.

MI21 has been supported during journey by a range of partners, funders, venues, festivals and incredible individuals, all of whom see the power of the project.

The vision for MI21 is to extend its current 45 minute performance into a 90 minute performance with a live orchestra.
The artists involved in the first project were: