Is this you?

Are you an early- to mid-career global majority creative disruptor? Whether you’re navigating your way within an organization, a community, or even on your own in your ecosystem, I’m here to support you. At my core, I’m passionate about helping individuals like you because I believe in the power of diverse voices and perspectives.

How I can help

I specialize in assisting individuals in overcoming a variety of challenges, from low self-esteem to feeling like their diversity isn’t respected in the workplace and everything in between. I provide a safe space for you to ‘offload’ before diving into the work of transforming your goals into reality.

The first steps

My mentoring approach is all about understanding your unique needs and aspirations. When you reach out, I start by asking you specific questions, allowing us to personalize the approach and build trust from the start. If we are a good fit then we can schedule a longer conversation.

Navigating obstacles

Obstacles and setbacks are inevitable, but I’m here to help you navigate them. I acknowledge the emotional impact of negative experiences and work with you to pivot towards learning and growth. Ultimately, I turn setbacks into opportunities for positive change and forward-thinking.


Incorporating experience

Drawing from, my own experiences and expertise, I bring a deep understanding of the nuances present within global majority communities. This understanding allows me to create an environment where you can be your authentic self without expending unnecessary energy.

Empowering your true self

My goal is to empower you to take ownership of your personal and professional growth. Through reflection and encouragement, I help you see the progress you’ve made and the patterns you’ve developed. I encourage stepping outside of yourself and embracing your journey with confidence.


Supportive resources

While I don’t claim to have all the answers, I believe in providing resources and tools to support your growth and development. I continuously learn, read, and seek support where needed, showing humility and a willingness to grow alongside you.

Helping you to grow

My vision is to see you grow into a fully confident individual who can advocate for yourself and your community. By mentoring individuals early in their careers, I aim to create a ripple effect of positive change that extends far beyond our sessions together.


Let’s connect

Are you ready to embark on a journey of growth and empowerment? Reach out to me today and let’s begin transforming your life together.