Erasmus+ in Portugal – September 2018

Our 3rd international meting between all partners was kindly hosted by Scholé in Porto, Portugal.

As a country of contrast it was a fantastic opportunity to stay in the Port area of Matozinhos where so much culture from yester-year continues to be visible in 2018. Through its food, through its crafts, fashion, language used and even how past history is shared through education – its all set up to not talk about history as an exclusive ‘thing’ but to draw on the areas of how it impacts to today.

Our hosts at Scholé went above n beyond in including us in the day to day understanding of their vision of a different way of educating young minds. An independent school created from the need to re-address the cultural balance in Portugese traditional educational outlets. A group of parents formed the school in the heart of Matozinhos to create that send of community.

What was impressive to see/hear/experience was how the school took time in getting to know their students (who by the time we were there, were coming from afar and there was even a waiting list growing, such is the demand), understand who they are, understand their value based needs, what makes them tick, how the take in information etc. From this the child experience of learning was almost bespoke to them whilst still weaving into the wider school setting.

It was a truly inspiring trip, we learned loads and shared good practice on how to transfer educational teachings.