About Indy

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I’m Indy Hunjan. Let me introduce myself

I often describe myself as an ‘accidental consultant’. There was no predefined roadmap when I embarked on my journey, but I realized early on that creating the right environment for creative ideas to flourish was my calling.

Coming from Indian/African heritage, pursuing a career in the arts wasn’t initially encouraged. However, my upbringing, rich with exposure to diverse cultures and art forms, shaped my global perspective on the arts.

In 2021, I was honoured with the title of Woman To Watch. While it didn’t change my course, it did open doors for me to support other women in their endeavours. Being an ally is integral to my practice; I owe much of my success to the support of others.

Without formal training, I’ve honed my skills over time. I’ve taught myself to listen actively, to be present, and to offer constructive criticism. My strength lies in cutting through the clutter, identifying strategic pathways, and always keeping the end user in mind.

What Sets Me Apart

What distinguishes my work is the joy I find in collaboratively incubating ideas. I believe in transparency and empowering the next generation. Gatekeeping is not my style; I’m all about building bridges.

My mission is simple: to be the best critical ally to my clients so they can achieve their goals.

Achievements & Milestones

Two projects stand out as significant milestones in my journey:

  • Rising Styles – The UK’s Largest Hip Hop Festival: Lasting 8 years, this program celebrated all aspects of Hip Hop culture and gained international recognition.
  • Mother India 21st Century Remix: A live music score set against the iconic film, Mother India, toured internationally for twelve years, leaving a lasting impact.

My Approach

Everything begins with a conversation. I immerse myself fully into my client’s world, exploring gaps and identifying strategic pathways to fill them. I respect time constraints, offering honest feedback and collaborative solutions.

Honesty, transparency, and being a good connector are the pillars of my personal and professional life. I believe in allyship, ecosystem working, and ensuring that creative practice and business align harmoniously.

My experiences and expertise are dedicated to building a lasting legacy based on core values. I strive to contribute positively to every sector I work in, fostering collaboration and growth.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I’m excited to learn more about you and explore how we can work together to achieve great things.

Let’s connect

Together, let’s bring your ideas to life which supports your cultural future.