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Mother India Down Under – 2010

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MI21 kicks off 2010 with a tour in Australia and soundtrack release

The Guardian – “A powerful and moving glimpse of a challenging, unwieldy masterpiece”

The Telegraph – “We think the cinematic experience of the summer has to be Mother India 21st Century Remix…one not to be missed”

Time Out – “Audacious”

London, UK – Following a hugely successful sell out UK tour in 2009, Mother India 21st Century Remix (MI21) is moving onto the international stage with a tour in Australia, launching at the famous Arts Centre in Melbourne from March 4-6 2010 and then on to the Sydney Opera House on Sunday 7th March 2010.

Attracting a culturally and socially diverse audience, critics, fans of the original film and everyone in between have all raved about MI21 and praised its boldness to successfully rework one of India’s most beloved films. With the music receiving as much acclaim as the concept, the specially composed soundtrack, produced by DJ Tigerstyle has been adapted and the album is now ready to purchase via the Kala Phool website.

A stunning adaptation of the 1957 Oscar-nominated classic Mother India, MI21 remixes, re-edits and rescores the original 3-hour epic into a 45-minute silent film, over which top turntablist, Tigerstyle has composed a contemporary electronic and strings based score to convey the myriad of actions and emotions expressed on-screen. Tigerstyle is accompanied by Matt Constantine on the keyboards and electric cello and David Shaw on the drums, with Josh Ford as MI21’s visual editor.

Producer’s Kala Phool, continue to showcase and pioneer contemporary culture. Indy Hunjan, Founder and Director of Kala Phool said:

“Touring to Australia, working with the incredibly innovative Arts Centre in Melbourne and the famous Sydney Opera House is just amazing. We are over the moon to have MI21 supported at this magnitude by the venues and the British Council and can’t wait to get going. Working with two of the worlds most prestigious venues that showcases the best in cultural arts and entertainment and for MI21 to be given this platform speaks volumes for the critical acclaim that the show has earned for itself.”

MI21 is also performing at the Southbank Centre’s Alchemy Festival on Saturday 10th April and again at Birmingham Town Hall on Sunday 11th April 2010. Both UK dates are exclusive events and continue reaching different audiences.

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Directed by Mehboob Khan, India’s screen icon, Nargis plays Radha, an inspiring villager who raises her two small sons on her own after her husband (Raj Kumar) is maimed in an accident, and becomes the catalyst for the townspeople to fight for their land. Years pass and while one of her sons (Rajendra Kumar) has become a hard working farmer, the other (Sunil Dutt) has become bitter with rage and committed to vengeance. Radha, caught between her rebel son and the survival of a community she has been instrumental in building, is faced with a decision that forces her to make an impossible choice between honour and blood.

Indy Hunjan is founder and director of Kala Phool, an arts events and development agency with a focus to celebrate, support and develop high quality diverse arts and artists through regional, national and international projects, initiatives and events. Behind all of the work Kala Phool develops and delivers is a passion to make art as accessible as possible. The focus through all the projects is quality of experience, innovation and excellence. When commissioning or creating new work, Kala Phool seeks to ‘challenge, excite and engage audiences/participants in an accessible, flexible and sustained way. You can also join the MI21 Facebook Group by clicking here.