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MI21 is going to the Roundhouse


Kala Phool is proud to announce the finale date of the 2009 MI21 UK TOUR will be taking place at The Roundhouse in Camden on SUN 25 OCT.

Details will soon be ready for release so please be patient. There will be limited tickets for this event so make sure you get in there double quick once info is announced.

We are feeling chuffed that the tour is going so well and already each venue we have been to was a sell out.

There are still tickets for:

Bristol – TUE 22 SEP – MI21 is performing on an extra special night along with Talvin Singh.

Coventry – SAT 10 OCT

Musicport Festival – SAT 24 OCT – (Nitin Sawhney will also be at this one. Big fat grin 🙂