Indy mentors early-mid career global majority creative agitators.

With thirty years of working across a range of industries (arts, heritage industries, public and private sectors, educational and academic, festivals, programming, conference) in the UK and globally, Indy is a believer of honesty, equity and access. This is something she is keen to continue supporting in others and has been Mentoring/Coaching others for many years.

Supporting in particular those who are keen to flex the social rules, feel minimised in their chosen field, are from the global majority, feel fatigued from the bias you may be experiencing and are keen to equitably share in their development to uplift others.

You might need space to work through your ambitions, to understand your capabilities, to curate your own values all to help see your creative (or other) areas of work come to life?

Mentoring early-mid career global majority creatives across this globe, is a passion born out of creating bespoke space where you are gently critiqued and challenged to cut through the things that might be holding you back.

In turn, those who Indy works with go on to share their learning’s with others…demystifying the myths of gatekeeping…thinking more of yourself within an ‘eco system and community’ for greater gains.

My book is now open and will close end of March2024 to support x5 individuals.

If this is something you want to explore with Indy then please do get in touch to book in a free 30min discovery conversation to discuss how a series of ‘self investment’ sessions may support your development and help break down some of them creative knots.

I look forward to walking along side you.