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Melbourne Update – 30.3.10

Sorry i havent been keeping you updated on all the amazing things ive been experiencing whilst in Melbourne for a few days now – ive been mad busy in meetings. But i wanted to briefly update you all on a couple of things: MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FESTIVAL SHOPPER by Linda Catalano The most hyped show of the festival was SHOPPER and the one woman stand up show did not disappoint in the slightest. The deadpan commentary on how women shop, how shop assistants size you up like a piece of meat within 2mins of entering the shop or even, how your parents relate to shopping. SHOPPER was full of funny anicdotes, hilarious use of music and visual imagery to the point i couldn’t laugh for my tummy hurting. A truly memorable evening indeed. MELBOURNE F1 GRAND PRIX Having grown up with F1 (an uncle of mine is one of the head honchos with McLaren) and experienced the thrills, smell of petrol, sounds of the engines roaring to the point you cant even hear yourself and all the fake tan on show….to be a part of this years F1 Melbourne GP was amazing. I was part of the demo team crew who totally know how to party :/ Watching them all in action on the day was amazing, they certainly know how to work well as a tight team… uncle has whooped them all into a great team. Highlights included:

• running out on the track for the speed comparison, watching the cars ping off the start, running back to pit-lane to time them all & see the cars afterwards

• walking the length of the pit-lane several times

• being shown around the McLaren paddock

• being toured round McLaren’s pit with both Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button’s cars being geared up

• meeting Jenson’s pop who is a man who knows how to party :0

• watching the start of the GP from above the starting grid and screaming my head off

……..blimey, ive just realised im SUCH a groupie! Seriously though, it was an amazing day. Tonight im being taken to see ACROBAT at North Melbourne Town Hall. Update you on how that goes soon.