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We are in such a privileged position to be creating events, helping others with their passions and to have access to all sorts of creative experiences. Every now and then we come across individuals/organisation that make such a difference to so many others that we want to support them wherever possible.

One such organisation we came across in November2016 was Langar Aid. Whilst delivering a finale event in the grounds of Birmingham Cathedral, Langar Aid were invited to join in and connect with the community of Birmingham by setting up one of their ‘free kitchens’. We were humbly reminded through their work, how they communicated with some of our most vulnerable and their unwavering gift of hot food for all, how much more we could all do for our neighbour’s, family, friends and those we see on the streets struggling.

Langar Aid support many people across the UK and internationally work with scores of teams to deliver their work in response to much needed poverty, war and disenfranchised communities.

There and then we wanted to help Langar Aid. Through our own creative skills, communications and willingness to support such an organisation on a voluntary basis we are proud to announce our commitment to Langar Aid and their work.

You will start to see communications of their work, calls for support/help, sharing of who is actually involved and regular updates on how you can connect. We urge you to help us to help them to help all the thousands upon thousands who access their food, health care, advice surgeries, gatherings and more.

You can access all Langar Aid news via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We hope you will come on this journey of supporting them in their amazing work.

Thank you.

Indy and Kevin.


More information on Langar Aid:

Langar Aid is a project by international humanitarian aid organisation Khalsa Aid to support its work on providing humanitarian aid in disaster and war zones.

Langar Aid focuses on fighting hunger worldwide. Providing vital food & water in emergencies where it is needed the most to save the lives of victims of natural disasters, wars and civil conflicts.

We work collaboratively with organisations, Governments and NGOs to effectively coordinate and supply vital nutrition in times of need.

‘Langar’ is a term used to describe the Sikh philosophy of a free kitchen where food is provided to all people, regardless of background, ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender or social status.