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So we have been to India…two weeks of complete & utter sensory overload. The heat was intense. The meetings were amazing. The people are beautiful. The food was hot.

But above all else…India was good to us.

The primary goal of our trip was to have a load of meetings with new collaborators. All the doors were opened through a dear friend who has been living and working in Mumbai as an International Cultural Producer.

It is always a reminder of just how open to new ideas people are when they are not on your own doorstep. The conversations were open, exciting and had a real sense of inclusion in something bigger than just yourself or what’s in your own head!

After all the work meetings in Mumbai, we travelled to Goa where the full on relaxtion of some much needed time out kicked in. From here we then travelled to Noormahal in the Punjab. The reason for our trip here is that each year my parents and their friends fundraise to facilitate a Eye Camp. This year’s Camp saw just over 300 people attend from all the local villages. They are provided with free eye care, fed and watered, and in some case (90 in this years Camp) are then taken to the Ruby Nelson Hospital in Jalander for operations to be carried out.

Not only was it an absolute privilege to witness the dedication of the Camp but to then attend actual operations the next day in the hospital was incredible. Saving someones sight so they can continue to work the land and provide for themselves and their families is humbling to say the least.

Of all the times i have been to India, it felt like India was at its most amazing.

I look forward to keeping you in the loop on all our developments and collaborations as they progress.