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Harminder Singh Judge ‘The Inconsistency of Everything’

New Art Exchange is proud to launch a new exhibition by artist Harminder Singh Judge.

The Inconsistency of Everything features many new works by the artist, and launches on 23 April 2010.

Harminder Singh Judge describes himself as an artist trapped in a perpetual love triangle with religion, art and pop culture.

Over the last three to four years Judge has developed an interdisciplinary practice obsessed with romanticised fables within religious history, exploring the enduring appeal of spirituality within our postmodern and largely secular society.

He has a deep interest in the visual and conceptual mixing of religious mythologies with personal experience, pop culture and folklore.

Judge also has a keen interest in the meeting point of East and West, both in culture and history, and how one can often exoticise and misinterpret the other.

“I always keep one eye on my personal history as a British born Sikh who loves rock music and Red Dwarf whilst also being genuinely fascinated and moved by the epic stories of religious history. I would site religious symbolism, mass conversion and the rituals of cults among my many influences, as well as Madonna, Coca-Cola & Jesus.’’

Harminder Singh Judge

For New Art Exchange Judge will create an installation involving animals derived from mythical and religious histories merged with marketing techniques employed by corporate and commercial enterprise.

Alongside the exhibition Judge will also bring his new large-scale performance installation, entitled The Modes of Al-Ikseer to the gallery as a one off event.

The Modes of Al-Ikseer is a one hour long show fusing contemporary pop culture, advertising aesthetic and tongue in cheek humour with epic symbolic imagery. It observes and locates the place of ancient religious symbolism and mythology into a world obsessed with capitalism, celebrity and marketing gimmicks.

The work takes its basis from a Hindu myth concerning the creation of Amrit (the holy nectar of immortality) and Judge’s love of 80’s electro pop giants Depeche Mode. He has a deep interest in the visual and conceptual mixing of religious mythology with personal experience, pop culture, marketing gimmicks and the meeting of East and West.

A partnership between New Art Exchange and 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning, the exhibition has been curated by Nottingham-based artist – Michael Forbes. The exhibition and accompanying events and educational programme will explore the themes around Judge’s work. The programme includes special talks, performances and workshops.

Schedule of Events For Your Diary

Friday 23 April 2010 Event: Preview of The Inconsistency of Everything. Venue: New Arts Exchange. Time: TBC.

Saturday 24 April – Saturday 3 July 2010 Event: Harminder Singh Judge’s The Inconsistency of Everything show. Venue: New Art Exchange. Time: Monday to Friday 10am – 7pm, Saturday 10am – 5pm, Sunday closed. Wednesday 19 May 2010 Event: The Modes of Al-Ikseer performance. Venue: New Art Exchange. Time: 7:30pm onwards.

Tuesday 25 May 2010 Event: Nottingham Trent University Visual Arts MA students only Critique Session. Venue: New Art Exchange. Time: 2pm – 5pm.

Thursday 27 May 2010 Event: Artist In Conversation. Venue: New Art Exchange. Time: 6pm – 8pm. Panel: Manick Govinda – Arts Admin, Matt Price, Writer/Art Critic/Curator, Barby Asante, Curator, Harminder Singh Judge, Artist.

Admission to the exhibition and all events is FREE and is open to all ages and accessible to all (except 25.5.10 which is only open to NTU Visual Arts MA Students).

For more information on Harminder Singh Judge visit: For more information visit the NAE website: New Art Exchange 39-41 Gregory Boulevard Nottingham NG7 6BE T: 0115 924 8630 F: 0115 970 1102 E: W: Facebook group click here.