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Fargo Village

Hello there – how are you all doing…its been a while hasn’t it?

After a bit of a break things have certainly hit full throttle with the launch of the hotly anticipated Fargo Village in Coventry.

Fancy coming along and sharing in all the glory of a new creative space in the heart of the Midlands…then now’s your chance. There is a jam packed Launch Weekender starting on Sat 27 Sep and Sun 28 Sep with some amazing goodies…check out the schedule…bring your friends and come share all your Fargo Village experiences through our HASHTAG FargoCov linking.

Fargo Village will bring a whole new dimension to the city offering niche and unique retailers, artists’ studios, creative workspace, crafts, cafes, markets and entertainment space.

Affordable rents will allow new businesses to set up, thrive and survive in an attractive environment, in a community of  like minded people. We are bringing a piece of the London cool scene of Camden and Brick Lane to Coventry.

Twenty years ago these were run down areas of London but with investment into the creative industries they have now become major attractions bringing in visitors from all over the world and in turn supporting the local economy.

To emulate some of that success here would give Coventry a huge boost in perception and appeal to locals and visitors. Fargo Village will inject energy and fun into Coventry.