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Track Project

Migration through Digital Storytelling – British Council / Erasmus+ Project


Breaking Down Barriers: Promoting Community Integration and Raising Awareness of Historical Patterns of Migration in Europe.


This two-year project which began in October 2017 involves the following partners:

We are a combination of arts-in-education organisations, with schools at primary and secondary level, plus a University, as well as independent organisations that work in some part within an educational setting.

The project will examine historical patterns of migration in Europe in order to understand and reflect on the issues faced by people who are moving to a new home and land. The project will bring different groups together, and break down barriers between communities.

The project will look at the impact of upheaval and change on people’s lives, when they move to a new place, or land.

It will focus on the experiences of migrant communities in different countries in the past.

  • What happened to these communities?
  • What traces remain of them today?
  • What kind of traditions and heritage did they bring with them – such as myths and legends, music and dance?
  • How far have these traditions survived?

We want to uncover and record things that may have been lost in time – or are in danger of being lost forever. These include:

  • Community customs and traditions (for example, special occasions, fairs, etc.).
  • Folk stories.
  • Folk music and dance traditions.

Our part of this project includes us working with two Birmingham based charities that support refugees, child migrants, asylum seekers and recently arrived communities. By working with Rivers Of Gold and Migrant Help UK we have created a simple format through Instagram for us to host our Track Project. An online visual portal by which images and short videos are inspired by monthly ‘themes’.




Why not join in and be part of our Digital Storytelling journey.

There is no language barrier, you can upload what you want and add what content you wish that is inspired by the key words you will see on the thread. Enjoy!

We look forward to keeping you updated on our journey and look out for our bulletins via our Twitter using our hashtag #digitalstories #trackproject



We are absolutely thrilled to be part of this two year journey, all made possible by the remarkable efforts of MAT with Erasmus funding from the British Council.



The website for the project also allows you to read about all the other projects that came out from all the other partners – a really lovely resource on Digital Storytelling that you could use within your own creative realms. Enjoy.