Kala Phool works closely with associated consultants to deliver the best package for your aims and objectives. Feel free to get in touch for further information regarding any of the areas below:


Research undertaken for various outcomes – this can be achieved independently, or in partnership with other organisations or individuals.


We’ve been involved in the writing and development of many publications for clients for a variety of projects.

Marketing / Pr / Support / Database

Our bespoke support is available for individuals, arts organizations, venues, projects and others. We can support you by advocating, brokering and developing your ideas and projects. We also offer marketing support from just one off press releases to full scale marketing packages. KALA PHOOL has an extensive database including contacts to regional and national press and appropriate culturally diverse outlets, diverse press, media, TV and radio.

Management / Funding Development / Strategy Support

We are here to support you with the challenges you face in developing Cultural Diversity Action Plans, strategy papers for your projects, proposals and applications for funding. All of which will help you achieve your own goals of making your work happen.

Networking / Brokering

Kala Phool is fully networked across the UK and is a unique position to network on your behalf with individual artists, arts organizations, venues, community projects, culturally diverse networks and funding bodies. If you have something to shout about, Kala Phool can do the shouting for you.

Ideas Incubation

Kala Phool is always open to new development and collaborative ideas, We are interested in new ways for working with new people. If you have ideas you want to share with Kala Phool, or you have a project you want support on, don’t hesitate in talking to us about it.

Local Authorities

Right across the UK we believe working with local authorities enables the smooth running of your projects. Let us do the legwork here for you.

One Last Thing…

Kala Phool is quite nosey (in a good way) and is widely networked and is always open to meeting new people. We’re like a dating agency, so if we know people you should meet, we hook you up! So why not get in touch.