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The Chinese Room Project & Culture Updates

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The Brighton-based games company, The Chinese Room, was recently awarded €125k through the EU Media programme for the development of a new narrative video game provisionally called “Total Dark”.  Dan Pinchbeck, the company’s Creative Director, told us about his experiences in applying for the funding.
The company had been working on a game for Sony Playstation and saw the possibility of getting finance for another game over which they had full control. They first attended an information day organised by the Media Desk in London and then completed an application form. The grant they received covers 50% of the project costs and will mostly go towards employing extra people and licencing. As the game developers will be working full time on the project, it will be easy to evidence both work done and match funding.
Points that probably counted in their favour were that no UK companies had been funded in the previous round, their good reputation as a games company and the fact they had a story-based project idea ready to go.

The funds will be 25% provided up front with further instalments to follow and the final 25% awarded on conclusion of the project. The project will commence late Spring/early Summer 2016. Dan agreed that the application process was quite easy compared to previous larger scale EU projects he had been involved in and added that he could envisage the company applying to Media again … once they have finished the project!

Call for proposals to create an EU festival award and an EU festival label

This call for proposals will allow the pilot project Europe for Festivals – Festivals for Europe to increase its reach to festivals and audiences. Deadline for proposals is 21/6.


New European Cultural Diplomacy Platform launched

This two year project aims to strengthen the ability of the EU to engage meaningfully with audiences and stakeholders in third countries. Further details.
New handbook on Cultural Awareness and Expression published

This new handbook is the result of a collaborative work undertaken by 25 EU Member States. Cultural awareness and expression is one of the eight key competences that compose the reference tool used by Member States that integrates both into strategies and infrastructure in the context of lifelong learning.


Europeana 280: connecting Europeans to their art heritage

This new cross-border campaign, part of the Europe’s digital library Europeana is intended to attract interest in Europe’s artworks and their evolution across centuries. The 280 chosen pieces represent the contribution of each of the European Union Member States to Europe’s art history.


Culture Action Europe organised a 72 hours cultural Jam session

A 72 hour ephemeral platform coordinated by a team of 15 facilitators was the proposal devised by Culture Action Europe to foster a discussion in the field of art and culture. A complete report note will be available soon in the SELP members’ section of the website.