About Us

Kala Phool is a collaborative studio which develops and delivers a range of projects. These take place regionally, nationally and internationally and always in partnership with amazing people.

Indy Hunjan

A petrol head who loves to crochet…go figure!

Kala Phool was founded by Indy Hunjan and her ethos has always been to strive for excellence with the ‘experience’ of an event being open to all. With over twenty five years of arts industry experience under her belt, Indy has worked across artforms to build experiential projects which have crossed socio-economic, cultural and demographic boundaries.

Kevin DaCosta

Never one to shy away from the ridiculous, he has a lovely round head, a bit like a honeydew melon!

Undertaking the strategic fundraising for our activity is something Kevin excels in and has created all manner of opportunity for our work. As a wordsmith master Kevin also manages levels of our project communications directly to audiences, partners and agencies.

Josh Ford

Josh is a multi-talented and oversized human who drinks a lot of tea and likes to draw things that he sees whilst wearing noisy ear goggles.

Alongside this he is the backbone to all things technical including, website, social media, project development, branding..all essential in our small team. Josh is also known as The Osh creating incredible artistic pieces of work, across a range of surfaces.